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Mr. Ryan Ngala

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As I stumble upon a train,

When I enter on an 8th Avenue local stop,

I see some upcoming dancers introducing themselves,

As they started to perform straight to the top. 

Doing tricks and flips like I’ve never ever seen,

It became a social media phenomenon,

As I scroll upon my Instagram,

As these dancers came and show their stuff. 

Many dancers were moving to the body,

To the music that they were shaking to,

No distraction from them other train passengers,

Listening to the sound of wherever the music was playing from. 

They Started to get warm up,

Get ready to burn up,

When they turn up the sound to their speakers,

They made some room to make some clear space. 

One, Two, Three all eyes are on them,

Many of the moves that I see,

They already practice for themselves,

As They listen to the sound of the rhythm. 

I wish that the hashtag topic #SubwayDancers will always be trending worldwide,

As many subway dancers could also become great celebrity dancers one day,

As for someone who will entertain young children in making sure the moves are always straight to perfection,

But that they will always look forward in their right direction. 

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